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16th June 2021

The Pros and pros of turnover leases – it’s time to change the way we lease

What could be fairer or more equitable than an arrangement that allows a retailer to pay as they grow – literally as their turnover increases so too does their rent which is set at an agreed percentage– a win:win situation. This article covers the benefits around why, for retail property,...

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12th May 2021

Retail customers are going online to shop offline – locally

As retail opens back up and lockdowns lift, everyone wants to know the answer to two key questions: how do we get footfall back into retail shops and what does the future for retail online look like?

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23rd March 2021

Demystifying “Heads of Terms” jargon

Taking a lease for your first shop is a journey that the property industry fills with jargon. Often the phrase “heads of terms” is thrown around – some paying no attention to it and others giving it almost mythical legal status.

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12th February 2021

Helping town centres market their available properties

Just launched. – The new Experience Guildford (EG) property portal provides national, independent and local start-up brands with all of the information they need to make an informed decision about opening a local shop.

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5th February 2021

Creative ideas for landlords with vacant space

Town Centre’s across the UK are all facing the same problem at the moment, that vicious circle of an increasing number of empty stores with an often-proportionate fall in footfall.

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4th February 2021

Ground-breaking retail and leisure property listings platform will give access to 90%+ of UK availability

A new online listings platform created by The Local Data Company (LDC) and CompletelyRetail.co.uk will give access to more than 90% of all the retail and leisure properties which are currently on the market in the UK.

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29th January 2021

The Revo Shopkeepers Campaign for business rates reform. It’s time to get involved!

Completely Retail is delighted to support Revo’s ongoing campaign that is calling for a meaningful reduction in business rates for retail and leisure property.

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