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Search Score

What is the CR Search Score

Every month thousands of available shops, restaurants and bars are added to Completely Retail (CR). As a result, there are often hundreds of properties for occupiers to choose from in the larger towns and cities. It can be a time consuming process to sift through all of the opportunities.

The CR Search Score is our way of ensuring the best possible user experience. Each property is given a unique daily score based on the quality and depth of information displayed. We think it is only fair to reward those advertisers who take a bit more time listing their properties. So, the more information agents and landlords provide potential occupiers, the higher the available property will appear in a search on CR.

Benefits of the Search Score

For users of the website:

  • Properties with higher quality information are pushed to the top which enables users to find the details they are searching for more efficiently, offering a better experience.

For property agents/landlords:

  • By ensuring the properties search score is higher, your property will appear further up in the listings.
  • Properties have higher enquiry rates when they have more information to view and are higher up in the listing.

Steps to increase your Search Score

The CR Search Score is calculated by measuring factors and data fields. Below are some details about these fields:

  1. Is the property sponsored on the CR Website? By doing so, this will help bring up your search score and can be a fundamental part in maintaining a high ranking on the page.
  1. Ensure full contact details are kept up to date for each of the property listings.
  1. Ensure each of the retail units listed is kept up to date. If any properties have been let then remove these from your account.
  1. Having a clear and concise description of the property, updated regularly will bring the listing higher up in the search.
  1. Make brochures, site plans and other downloads available. The more details and attachments, the higher the ranking.
  1. Multiple images with high quality resolution increase your rankings, allowing occupiers to view what the area and site has to offer.
  1. Is financial information supplied such as rent or rates?  These are important for occupiers to know the markets, renting and rate prices.
  1. Are other key points included? Demographics being important in understanding the footfall, average spend, dwell time and visitor frequency.

If you would like further information on the CR Search Score or would like to discuss how to list your properties on Completely Retail please contact us (Contact).

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