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Keep up to date with the retail industry with Completely Retail Insights, bringing you all the information you need on the latest news and market trends.

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21st March 2022

Leasing flexibly: when, why and how?

Whether it’s big brands marketing a new launch, or new independent retailers branching out into brick and mortar, pop-up shops keep our shopping districts varied and interesting, and increasingly, landlords are seeing the benefits of leasing their units for a short-term period. Traditionally...

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28th February 2022

Let’s get physical: choosing the right location for your retail store

Whether you run an independent business and are considering opening your first physical store, or have an already successful chain and are hoping to expand further, choosing the right location is pertinent to your store’s success. Here we will take a look at some of the many factors...

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2nd February 2022

Online brands prioritising their physical retail presence in 2022

Experts are saying there has never been a better time to open a new store. Even considering the initial impact of the pandemic on the retail industry, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Reduction in commercial rent prices is providing brands with the perfect opportunity to either...

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10th January 2022
Shopping on the High Street

Three reasons shoppers will keep hitting the high streets in 2022

Even in an era ruled by the internet, shoppers still love the high street for its convenience, the social aspect and the opportunity to find a bargain. However, it isn’t just the personal benefits of physical shopping that draw people to the high street, but the idea that these shopping...

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6th January 2022
manchester skyline

Open Your Next Store in Bustling Manchester

Manchester is the North West’s foremost city region, with 3 million people living or working there and is known as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. An excellent choice for business and investment, it is a vibrant and exciting destination with a myriad of benefits...

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8th December 2021

The Local Footfall Accelerator launches

What does it take to boost your local footfall in 2021? Here at SaveTheHighStreet.org we’ve been studying this question from all sides, with input from successful local independents and industry experts on our High Street Advisory Board.  There are hundreds of things that can be...

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