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Completely Retail

Helping town centres market their available properties

Another week, and yet another big innovation announcement for CompletelyRetail.co.uk (CR).

Town centre property vacancy levels are at an all time high. Local Authorities and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are doing everything they can to help market their towns and the business opportunities in order to bring more life back to town centres. Today we’ve launched a new service on CR that can help.

Since 2008, CR’s unique scheme database has allowed the large landlords such as British Land, LaSalle IM and M&G to market their major retail schemes and entire portfolios with loads of detail on branded pages to the 1000s of occupiers that use CR every month.

Our new feature enables town centres to market all of their disparately owned vacant properties under a single brand, rather like a shopping centre. The pilot scheme we’ve undertaken with our local BID, Experience Guildford, and many of the local property experts is testament to what can be achieved when everyone works together.

The new Experience Guildford (EG) property portal provides national, independent and local start-up brands with all of the information they need to make an informed decision about opening a local shop. There’s a comprehensive list of every available unit in Central Guildford, details and contacts on every unit, information about the major shopping centres, with links to, and useful advice from, local retail property experts. 

All of the available units shown within the EG property portal are accessible from the main CR database search which is visited by 1.5m people every year. CR currently advertises 40% more available retail and leisure units than any other property portal, and that is growing that by 1000s of new listings every month, thanks largely to the exciting collaboration with The Local Data Company that we announced last week.

Please contact us sales@completelygroup.com if you’d like to know more about how we can help your local town.

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